About This Site

I’ve always had a passion for books. While I like to read them, I’m even more interested in online bookselling. For 8 years, I made most of my income as an online bookseller. While I’ve returned to writing as a full-time career these days, I’ve learned a lot about selling used books online that I want to share – and that’s the purpose of BookRescuer.com.

Selling books online isn’t easy because of the amount of time and effort involved in gathering, cleaning and pricing your inventory – but there are many ways to make a living that are much harder. To be a successful online bookseller, all you really need is some time, a little common sense and a decent amount of storage space. Even if your time is limited and you don’t have a lot of room for your inventory, you can still make a part-time living from selling books online if you can find some dependable and consistent inventory sources.

This site has been up for years now. While I update it frequently, I can’t guarantee that every word is up to date. But I can tell you this: there are very few resources out there about buying and selling books online, and you’ll find information here that you won’t find elsewhere.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my now-completed simple living blog So Much More Life. Or visit GayScribe.com and see some of the many newspaper articles I wrote for gay and lesbian newspaper before becoming a bookseller.

Today, I spend most of my time writing web pages like this one – for myself and for clients who pay me good money for my talents. You can learn more about my online copywriting business at Fort Worth Copywriter.

But for now, why not explore the idea of online bookselling a bit and see if could be a good way for you to make some money?

A lot has changed in bookselling in the last decade, but there are still ways you can get involved if you won’t be discouraged and commit to learning about the industry and seeking out good inventory – and avoiding getting discouraged.

And I’m on your side if you need any help.

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