Articles Of Interest To Online Booksellers

There are lots of articles on the Internet about online bookselling, but I’m afraid I can’t recommend very many of them to you. Often, they’re biased by a seller’s personal experiences and filled with inaccurate information or unpleasant personal stories that just aren’t very interesting or useful.

In many cases, sellers simply want to complain about a sales venue or vent about customers whose actions they didn’t like.

Before relaunching as a resource for online sellers, I wrote a number of articles about selling used books online for my other sites. Some of them have become so dated or useless that I’ve taken them down, but some are still worth a read.

Plus, online writer Erik Parker has placed some useful articles about online bookselling on HubPages that I happily and whole-heartedly recommend.

Here are some articles elsewhere that may be of interest to online booksellers:

At My Other Sites

How I Started Bookselling
At Gip’s Front Yard

This piece explains how my life experiences prepared me for a career selling used books online. Are your experiences preparing you for something big too?

Lesbian Fiction Isn’t Hot Anymore
At Gip’s Front Yard

Really, this article is about how trends, luck and seizing every opportunity play important roles in online bookselling. I don’t handle any lesbian fiction these days, but this genre was once very important to me.

Political Vandalism At The Bookstore
At Gip’s Front Yard

This unimportant little story has very little to do with bookselling. It’s a tale about one of the many interesting people I’ve met in passing during my career as a bookseller.

From Erik Parker

Online writer Erik Parker is as experienced in online bookselling as he is in writing. I’ve carefully read each of the articles below, and I recommend them to you without hesitation.

Online Bookselling For General Audiences
This is a great introduction to bookselling that you can show your friends. When they ask what you do, you can say “Read this. It explains it all.”

Online Bookselling For Small Sellers: The 1000-10-1 Model
This model for a successful bookselling business sounds like it would work to me. In fact, it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all these years.

3 Ways To Increase Your Online Bookselling Revenue When Sales Are Slow
Online bookselling is a cyclical business. I’ve found October to be my slowest month, followed closely by April’s dismal sales. Is your experience different? This article has some good ideas about what do when things aren’t moving.

Sizing Your Online Bookselling
This item is a nice reminder that the size of a business and its success are not necessarily linked. A small business that serves the needs of those involved is more successful than a large business that involves more people than it can support.

Barcode Scanners And iPhone Apps Are Part of Online Bookselling
I use a scanner with an internal database and attached barcode scanner, but there are many choices for today’s online booksellers. One thing is certain, however: Scanning is an important part of this business for those serious about making money.

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